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PMP obtaining the〝AED Safe Place Certification〞
PMP obtaining the "AED Safe Place Certification" not only reflects the company's emphasis on employee health but also represents a concrete manifestation of the company's commitment to social responsibility.
AL/BL Refillable Packaging
Pin Mao gives you the opportunity to provide your customers that love buying repeat products a better option - refillable interior package with lower price in comparison.
Notification of LOGO change
Pin Mao Plastic won the Excellent Enterprise Award from the Taichung City Labor Bureau
Pin Mao Plastics, with its steadfast commitment to ESG policies, employee well-being, and outstanding performance in the realm of social responsibility, stands as a beacon for sustainable business practices.
PMD  the dropper has scale to provide you more accurate usage
Pin Mao’s customized service on tube’s length and color ensures that our droppers can satisfy any creative bottle sizes you desire. Accurate tick marks carved onto the tubes help you to quantify your solution usage.
PIN MAO always focuses on accomplishing our social responsibility, cares for the minorities and gives back to the social support we received
PIN MAO provided many internships made in collaboration with Taichung Municipal Wufeng Agricultural and Industrial High School
Create new opportunities to PCR polypropylene
Pinmao Plastics advocates new MULTI-LAYERS TOTTLE USE UP TO 80% PCR = sustainable recycling and good packaging.
Pin Mao improved the sustainable development of EGS enterprises, and fulfilled corporate social responsibilities.
Pin Mao Plastics donated to Taichung Special School for the students with hearing impairments and T Taichung School for the visually impaired few days ago.
Addition to "reducing", we should also pay attention to "recycling" and "reusing"
These sources of recycled materials can be divided into industrial waste and general waste. General waste like housing consumption products are very easily and suitable to be recycled and reused, as long as the bottles and jars are cleaned and turned into recycled plastic materials after processing, and we call it PCR.
Pin Mao received 「25th Rising Star Award」
Pin Mao received 「25th Rising Star Award」
Award the 9th D&B Top 1000 Elite SME Award
Award the 9th D&B Top 1000 Elite SME Award
Pin mao has launched a new PMD dropper series
Pin mao has launched a new PMD dropper series. The whole body is made of plastic. The tube can be made of PP / PET /PCR material.
Pin Mao Plastics launched a new PET cosmetic jar series.
PET plastic cosmetic jars is a sustainable packaging solution with a lower carbon footprint than other plastics,100% recyclable. PET is approved by health and safety boards.
Pin Mao advocates environmental protection with its PCR resin product range
Pin Mao's eco-sensitivity is acute, and the launch of its latest line of PCR resin products demonstrates no faltering in the company’s commitment to sustainability practices.
Pin Mao invests in new technology: UV Direct Injection
Pin Mao has recently invested in new, cutting edge UV Direct Injection technology so it can provide even more decoration options to its clients.
Roses and pearls for dreamy compacts
Pin Mao's products are easily recognizable by packaging buyers around the world. The oyster compact is one such example with its intriguing shape and pearl finish.
Pin Mao's playful colour compacts for fun-loving consumers
Ever creative, Pin Mao's latest release has been designed especially for the younger generation as well as those that are very much young at heart. Taking advantage of a simple oval shape, the new IEP series of compacts takes advantage of bright pastels.
Two variations for Pin Mao's square PET bottle range
Pin Mao's clear square PET bottles are the ideal plastic bottle design for cosmetic formulations. The highly regarded Asian packaging company specializes in producing stylish plastic packaging.
Pin Mao releases a line of droppers, with both single-use and reusable options
Pin Mao's latest packaging concept is the much awaited KL Series, designed after receiving extensive feedback from clients and interested firms.
Jars with different capacities in the same amount of space
Pin Mao has released a set of jars for cosmetics or personal care treatments that offer a clever design feature brands can use to their advantage. The MU series offers different capacities can be set into one of a pair of jar concepts.
Getting in shape for the new year
Pin Mao, one of Asia's leading packaging firms focusing on the personal care and cosmetic markets, has released a number of new PETG items with similar, elegant shapes sure to turn heads.
Pin Mao releases new sets of matching bottles and tottles
One of the easiest ways a company can impress consumers while maintaining consistent branding is to market personal care or beauty products in matching or complementary packaging. Pin Mao has released small format bottles and tottles.
Pin Mao creates a new bottle based on a classic concept
The image of the old fashioned apothecary bottle is one that is familiar and is reminiscent of a bygone time. Pin Mao has taken the classic shape and reinvented it as a well crafted PETG bottle for the contemporary age.
Stylish tottles make an impact on the personal care market
Asian packaging supplier Pin Mao has created several series of tottles that are as stylish as their are useful. The new tottle lines feature a number of interesting shapes that are easy to hold and use and provide brands with an upscale options.
Pin Mao's premier airless pump pack
A great example of Pin Mao's knowledge of airless technology is the firm's EL line of airless pumps, a line that's nearly unique in the industry.
Pin Mao releases a provocative new faceted jar range
Well known for providing a number of small and large firms with personal care and cosmetic packaging items, Pin Mao now offers a new jar range that's perfect for upscale and masstige products.
The Heavy Base Bottle
The technical aspects of the packaging industry normally remain hidden from the average consumer.
Serum Bottles and Ampoules
Hygiene is tantamount with regard to many personal care items on the market today. The cleaner an item is, the more favourably it's viewed by the consumer.
Pin Mao unveils its radiant Prism Bottles
For over two decades, Pin Mao Plastic Industry Co., Ltd has been dedicated to cosmetic packaging research and development.
The cream jar, reconsidered by Pin Mao
Pin Mao has recently released an array of standard jars for the cosmetic and personal care spaces.