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Professional Airless Cosmetic Bottles Manufacturer from Taiwan

Airless bottles have been the most popular cosmetic, beauty, and medical packaging container in recent years. Airless cosmetic bottles are generally designed to house high-end products, mainly used in skincare creams, eye creams, foundations, serums, sunscreen, and other beauty care products. Pin Mao as one of the leading airless bottle suppliers in the world, we sum up the most attractive advantages of airless bottle you should know.

Ideal for No Preservatives and Organic Products

The biggest benefit of airless cosmetic bottles is that they can isolate the content inside the bottle from the air 100 percent leakproof, so as to prevent the contents from oxidizing and isolate the product to inhibit oxidizing, deteriorating, and bacteria. Therefore, airless bottles are friendly to those products with no preservatives, natural or organic products, to enhance product life.

Reduce Waste

Airless bottles avoid wastage as the consumer can use the product up to the last drop. The pumps used by airless bottles allow smooth and accurate dispensation of the product during each use even for highly viscous products.

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