• Pin Mao has been around for decades, and since its inception, has taken part in numerous projects for clients worldwide. Throughout our time together as a firm, we've managed to grow year after year, becoming a leader in our chosen field and a reference for packaging firms in our region.
  • 1989 May
    Pin Mao Plastic Industry Co., Ltd., the professional cosmetic container manufacturer and exporter, is established in 1989, located in Dali City, Taiwan. The original scope of the firm is to offer a wide range of standard products direct from stock for the luxury and masstige cosmetic spaces.
  • 1995 August
    Thanks to feedback from customers and acquired learning over the years, we add hollow shaping and professional equipment for diverse types of packaging for foods, drugs, and chemicals. We also continue to innovate within the cosmetic packaging space as we release new molds and new concepts that are ahead of their time.
  • 2000 February
    We change our location and move in to a new factory in the Dali Industrial Park, close to Taichung County. The new factory is much more efficient and offers us ample room to grow. New lines are installed and our offices become a central location where clients can visit from all over to take a look at the high quality of our finished products.
  • 2001 April
    Pin Mao leads the way in the packaging space and obtains ISO:9001 international Quality Management System certification. To obtain the certification, our organization had to demonstrate that we could meet all regulatory requirements and apply the system effectively, thus becoming a genuine benefit to our customers.
  • 2005 September
    Once again, we take the lead in our industry and region by obtaining ISO:14001 certification, focusing on environmental management systems. In order to become certified, we had to develop a clear, applicable framework to follow, in order to ensure we were as little impacting on the environment as possible.
  • 2006 May
    Our first expansion, we obtain a second factory in Taiwan in order to meet production requirements. The new factory becomes a central hub for both our manufacturing and decoration activities and allows us to move further abroad with regard to customers.
  • 2008 February
    We invest in Yu Ga Plastic Tech Company, Ltd. in Suzhou, China. The company adds its core competency of plastic manufacturing to our existing offering and is an excellent foothold for us in the Chinese market.
  • 2011 October
    This year, we set up a third factory in Taiwan in order to meet the overwhelming volume of orders and to ensure customers receive efficient and timely service. We also join Webpackaging, an online community of professional packaging firms. This is part of our expansion strategy and opens up new markets to us, including many in continental Europe. Our reputation as a solid, reputable supplier of personal care and cosmetic packaging increases exponentially.
  • 2014 August
    We obtain our SA8000 certificate, thereby clearly telling our business partners that we are genuinely concerned with the welfare and well-being of our team members. The SA8000 was one world’s first social certification standards, with the goal of creating and maintaining appropriate working conditions. The certification draws upon the UN Declaration of Human Rights as well as other international conventions.
  • 2015 September
    In keeping with our commitment to employees, here we officially obtain our OHSAS 18001 certification, which comprises health and safety management system specifications. The certification covers a number of processes related to workplace safety, including minimizing risk to workers, improving management systems with regard to safety, clearly demonstrating diligence, gaining comprehensive assurance in all health and safety processes, and more
  • 2015 November
    Working with Webpac Digital Media Group, the parent company of Webpackaging, we develop a new website. The new site is designed to appeal to a contemporary and globally-minded brand, offering everything from an interactive product catalogue to a lot of information about our firm.
  • Where will Pin Mao be tomorrow? The same place we've always been: at the forefront of luxury cosmetic packaging innovation!